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Minister Vulin in Bratunac: We must never cease to remember the killed

During today’s visit to Bratunac, Envoy of the President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin attended the presentation of a documentary film “A Tear of Angel” in the House of Culture. The Film is dedicated to Slobodan Sojanović from the vicinity of Zvornik, who was brutally killed in 1992 as a twelve year old boy and the film was presented to mark 26 years from the killing of Serbs from Podrinje.
Addressing the gathered, Minister Vulin said that “we are alone even on this day, looking into the pit, gathered around graves, alone in our pain and there is no one to mourn, weep, at least to say that they understand the pain – there is no one”.

- We are alone, decades after the massacre, crimes and evil, only with black scarves of the mothers from Bratunac, who have no one to cry for them; Alone. Every July, they try to force us to accept the guilt and every evil that they did, as justified and righteous punishment for this people, maybe just because they existed there. There is no other evil and other guilt in the Serbian people – Minister Vulin underlined.

According to him, we asked from our people, no matter how difficult it was and in times much harder than those, to understand and accept someone else’s suffering and someone else’s pain, and now we ask from our own people not to forget and not to cease remembering its pain.

- It is because we had forgotten Brod on Drina that we had Bratunac; it is because we had forgotten about Jasenovac, we underwent the “Storm”; it is because we had forgotten the terrors of Ballists that we had the crimes of KLA in 1998. That is why I ask from you who remember and those of you who do not, to speak, to tell your children, to tell someone else’s children; let us all tell, and remember and be one, so that at least the pain can unite us – stressed Minister Vulin adding that he wanted everybody, and himself as well, to speak loud, not allowing that every July they try to depict our people as people who commit genocide and as people of evil that constantly have to apologise and justify to someone for something while their pain and their wounds no one has to see whatsoever.

I ask from you – Minister Vulin said- to protect the Republic of Srpska, created so that the genocide of Jasenovac and horror of Bratunac repeat never again – and added that we did not have the right to allow that something that a generation of the brave created disappears.

- The Serbs created it, the best among us, and the Serbs can destroy it, the worst among us; never allow and never even think that the Republic of Srpska and the Serbs in it can be loved more by someone else than by you yourselves – Minister Vulin underlined.

In the House of Culture in Bratunac the gathered were addressed by the Minister of Labour and Protection of Veterans and Invalids of the Republic of Srpska Milenko Savanović, and Head of Municipality of Bratunac Nedeljko Mlađanović, and on that occasion an announcement was issued about erecting a memorial centre in that town in memory of the victims from Podrinje.

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