Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Sadly, there is something to say about Ustasha movement

At today’s conference to mark the first year of the work of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, media representatives had an opportunity to put questions to the Prime Minister and the ministers of the Government.
A journalist from the Republic of Croatia commented that Minister Vulin often mentionedin his statements the revival of Ustasha movement in Croatia and asked him where he saw it and how he proved it. The Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin stated that he would do his best to show his respect to the journalist because he was there, and thanked him for being there and for asking that particular question.
- I will give my best to be certain that you have asked me that with a good intention, since I have not met a man yet who can say that a plaque with the inscription “zadomspremni(lit. “For home (land) – ready!”)” on the charnel house in Jasenovac has nothing to do with the Ustasha movement. When you manage to find that man for me, then I will give you much more detailed answer. I am not even sure that I should continue answering that question on this important, beautiful and festive day. I would be immensely pleased if both you and I had nothing to say on this subject. Unfortunately, we do. I invite you to come to the Military Club in Niš and tour the exhibition “Dijana’s Children” so that you can see how we treat Ustasha evil, and I will once again repeat that the evil of fascism exists everywhere in the world, and sadly, everywhere around us, and that it is up to us to fight it. Thank you for this question and I am certain that you meant well, and I am certain that you have unintentionally disregarded the fact that there is the inscription saying “zadomspremni” on the charnel house in Jasenovac – Minister Vulin concluded.
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