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Minister Vulin: "Diana's Children" exhibition will continue to live

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin has visited the "Diana's Children" exhibition at the Central Military Club, today, on the last day before its closure.
Minister Vulin expressed great satisfaction with the fact that the exhibition on Diana's Children and everything that Diana Budisavljeviž did for Serbian, Jewish and Roma children, for humanity, received a great attention from citizens.
- More than 5,000 our citizens saw the exhibition about Diana Budisavljević, everything she did and how she saved Serbian children from the Ustasha knife. The pupils of more than 30 primary and secondary schools saw for the first time how the Second World War looked like, how terrible were Ustasha crimes, and they could see for themselves how much we forgot. Unfortunately, we, the Serbs, are forgetful. In our textbooks, Diana Budisavljević was not mentioned, and even the Jasenovac genocide was spoken about by the way, as if the Serbs had reason to be ashamed, the defence minister said .
He pointed out that this exhibition is a way for the Ministry of Defence to contribute to restoring the truth and returning to what we need to know.
- This is a way and opportunity to say thank you to all those people, regardless of what religion or nation they were, who were humane at those times when the inhumane ruled, who were there to risk their own lives to save a Serbian child. This is our way to say how grateful we are and to say what are the values that are ​​endlessly appreciated by the Serbian Armed Forces, but also the Serbian people, and for which it exists and lives, Minister Vulin said.
According to him, the exhibition will continue to live.
- The exhibition about Diana and her children, about Ustasha crimes, about crimes that were often not punished and about the virtue of Diana Budisavljević who was not awarded, will make a tour across Serbia. They will go to Niš, Novi Sad, and all facilities of the Serbian Armed Forces will be open to this exhibition, but I hope that with Diana's children we will be able to meet the audience in Austria and many other countries and cities, wherever it is necessary to recall how much the crimes in the Second World War were terrible, how much the Ustasha NDH was scary and how many people could be with the Serbs in these hard and the hardest times, the minister of defence concluded.
The exhibition, authored by Slađana Zarić and the author of the architecture, Ivan Mangov, is dedicated to the largest action of saving children from concentration camps during the Second World War. Thanks to Diana Budisavljević, more than 7,500 Serb boys and girls were saved from inevitable death in the Jasenovac concentration camp in the Independent State of Croatia. Thousands of visitors visited the exhibition very emotionally, leaving the Gallery of the Central Military Club under strong impression.
- I wish everywhere in the world to be a person like Diana Budisavljević - commented one of the thousands of visitors who signed in the Book of Impressions.
- It is a great thing to remember and it should never be forgotten! Many thanks to Diana Budisavljević for everything she did and this surpasses a lot a single human being and remains forever in the memory of the Serbian people - says one of the comments in the Book of Impressions and shows an example of the impression that the exhibition about the character and work of Diana Budisavljević made on the visitors.
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