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Minister Vulin: France greatly respects Serbia and President Vučić's policy

Setting up Kosovo Armed Forces is unacceptable for Serbia
Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, who is on an official visit to the Republic of France, at the invitation of his counterpart, met with Minister of Armed Forces Florence Parly. The Minister of Armed Forces pointed out that France respected President Aleksandar Vucic's policy and the policy of military neutralitz of our country. Minister Vulin reiterated that a Kosovo Army is unacceptable for Serbia and that the non-compliance with the Resolution 1244 would cause instability in the region.
“I have once again underlined that the formation of the Kosovo army is absolutely unacceptable for us, and that the formation of the Kosovo army contrary to Resolution 1244 can cause deep destabilization throughout the Balkans. For that reason, Serbia, as a pillar of peace and stability in the Balkans, can say with certainty that it enjoys great respect from France. Our policy and policy of President Vučić has sincere admirers and sincere consideration in France.
France is a friendly state, highly respectful of Serbia's neutral military status, which we intend to retain as our lasting commitment. Thanks to the policy of military neutrality, we can work together with the East and the West, we can express our views wherever we are taking into account primarily the interests of Serbia, but also respecting the interests of other peoples to live in peace”, Minister Vulin said.
At the meeting, the ministers also discussed military-to-military cooperation and cooperation in the field of military education of Serbia and France, about the future and engagement of our soldiers in peacekeeping missions, which France highly appreciates knowing that Serbia is participating in important and difficult peacekeeping missions bringing peace to the places which were full of conflicts and hatreds.
The ministers agreed that France and Serbia are tied by traditional bonds of friendship.
“This was an opportunity to remind ourselves that in the First and Second World Wars we fought for the same values​- for freedom. The Serbian people appreciate freedom above all. Where the Serbian people was there has always been better side of the world. This was good opportunity to remind ourselves of the old alliance that needs to continue”, Minister Vulin said.
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