Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Key to Peace and Stability in the Balkans Is Preventing the Great Albania

Commenting on the statement of Hashim Tachi that the agreement between Belgrade and Priština will be implemented during this year, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin explained that Tachi was a representative of a territory, while the reporter’s question had been raised on behalf of a serious state about whether something like that could happen.
- Hence, that is something that could not be done like that. There is the Constitution, there are laws, and there are ways in which things happen. I have explained how it seems from my point of view. I do not think that we can resolve just one segment of the Serbian national issue in order to be successful. I believe that the Serbian national issue has to be resolved in its entirety in order to ensure lasting and sustainable living space, lasting and sustainable peace for the future of us and our children. If the frozen conflict in Kosovo and Metohija is bad, which I think it is, then, the frozen conflict in other areas inhabited by Serbian people is also very bad. We have to admit to ourselves that it exists and start working on solving all the problems that burden the Serbian people, so that the future of our children would be safe – the minister of defence explained.
Commenting on Tachi’s statement, Minister Vulin stressed that “we are having a dialogue with the Great Albania”.
- It is the Great Albania that we are to stop in Kosovo and Metohija, and the agreement that we would reach, would, for the first time after an entire century, mean that the Great Albania would make it comeback. Until now, it has been incessantly advancing, and as you can see, it is still trying to advance. For the peace and future in the Balkans, it is necessary to prevent the creation of the Great Albania and to stop the aggressive advance of the Great Albania. That is vital for the peace and stability of the entire Balkans, not only for the relations between Serbs and Albanians, but of all the nations living in the Balkans – Minister Vulin pointed out.
Answering a reporter’s question why the representatives of the Serbian List voted for Rustem Berisha in Kosovo Assembly, the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin asked how it was possible that Berisha was a member of the Government of the so called Kosovo.
- He is someone who presents himself as the Minister of Defence; I assume that there is such similar formulation, a man who was in 2015 convicted by our court in Niš for war crimes. And now, he is a member of Kosmet Government who meets international officials and I am constantly warning about that. I would be grateful to all representatives of media if they would shed a bit more light on that fact, and I am certain that they will pay particular attention to the fact that one convicted war criminal is a member of Kosmet Government, and yet not a single media representative, not even Serbian one, has raised that question yet, or who elected him there, and how it is possible for him to even be there, or how long he will be there and whether he will withdraw, whether he will answer once for what he was legitimately convicted by the Serbian court – Minister Vulin sent a word. 
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