Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: We Will Not Refer the Resolution of the Serbian National Issue to European Bureaucrats

Commenting on the recommendations contained in the EU Enlargement Strategy that Serbia should have a legally binding agreement, Minister Vulin stated that there were two colliding positions in the text.
- If we are to reach a legally binding agreement with someone that is not mentioned and not perceived as a state, then it can hardly be our obligation. Nothing that we will do in the area of Kosovo and Metohija will be caused by our path towards the European Union and everything that we do in Kosovo and Metohija, we do it because we think that it is good for Serbian people, and not because we thing that the European bureaucracy would like that. That is our job. That is the task of our people and we will act like that in the future – the minister of defence stated.
He pointed to the fact that there existed a certain fatigue within the European Union in relation to enlargement, and that it was something that we should be very realistic about and assess it rather fairly.
- The fact is that numerous reforms go in our favour and they make our country a much better place for living. We should admit that and follow that direction, but when it comes to significant elements of our national being, the resolution of our national issue, that is something that we will decide fully understanding the pressures, but refusing the pressures – Minister Vulin concluded.
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