Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting of the Minister of Defence with the Ambassador of France

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and newly appointed Ambassador of France in Serbia Frédéric Mondoloni talked today about the cooperation of the two countries and opportunities for the enhancement of defence cooperation.
Vulin and Mondoloni agreed that the traditionally good and friendly relations between Serbia and France contributed to the enhancement of political dialogue. A particular note to the overall cooperation is given by personal relations between President Vučić and Macron, with the emphasis on development of bilateral relations between the two countries.
- In the framework of the Agreement on Strategic Partnership of the two countries, there is room for further enhancement of defence cooperation and peace keeping in the UN and EU missions. Serbia remains dedicated to its military neutrality, developing relations with all interested parties and in line with its national interests and priorities of foreign policy – the minister of defence said.
During the talks, it was established that the defence cooperation was developed but that there were also room for its further enhancement.
- The enhancement of the cooperation is contributed by high level meetings, so I expect that I will have an opportunity during the year to meet the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly – Minister Vulin underlined.
Regarding the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, Minister Vulin stressed that by peaceful means Serbia endeavoured to ensure normal live of the Serbian community in that area where we solely recognised KFOR as our partner and stability factor.
- We are doing everything to prevent the announced transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces into the so called “Armed Forces of Kosovo”, which we consider the violation of the UN SC Resolution 1244 and Kumanovo Military Technical Agreement – the minister of defence highlighted.
Minister Vulin stressed the significance of the enhancement of cooperation in joint participation in peacekeeping operations and the EU Battlegroups, and in the field of military-educational, military-economic and scientific-technical cooperation. Particularly pronounced was our commitment to strengthening cooperation aimed at providing an efficient response to threats to stability, such as terrorism, extremism and organised crime. The implementation of a contract with the company “Airbus Helicopters” for the procurement of helicopter H145M is, and the concretisation of numerous other opportunities for the involvement of defence industry companies in the network of French companies suppliers and for joint usage of developmental-research capacities in the Military Technical Institute and civilian institutes.
Another topic at the meeting were the activities of joint celebration of the 100th anniversary of the allies’ victory in the First World War during which a strong alliance had been forged between the two countries that was later continued through strong political, economic and cultural ties.
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