Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Donation of Night Vision Devices

In the barracks “National Hero Stevica Jovanović” in Pančevo, representatives of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Austria handed thirty night vision devices to the Army of the Serbian Armed Forces.
During the takeover of the devices, Defence Attaché of the Republic of Austria, Lieutenant Thomas Ahammer pointed out that the assets were donated as assistance to the units for the execution of tasks in night conditions, and to soldiers engaged on the protection of the state border against illegal migrations.
Colonel Mirko Bačević from Department for Planning and Development of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed forces stressed that the assets would be used as intended and that they did not differ much from the ones already used in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces.
The Protocol on donation of the assets in the value of 54,000 euros was signed in Vienna last year by the Federal Minister of Defence and Sports  of the Republic of Austria Hans Peter Doskozil and Minister of Defence of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vulin.