Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Day of the Military Film Centre “Zastava Film” Observed

Today, Military Film Centre “Zastava Film” marked the 69th Anniversary of its existence by an occasional ceremony on their premises in Košutnjak. That institution within Public Relations Department, achieved significant results in domain of film and information activities in the period between the two holidays as Deputy Director Major Nebojša Milosavljević said.

- In the previous year we filmed in nine countries, and four continents, and we made more than 550 video clips for the needs of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces. We prepared 250 coverage for the programme “Dozvolite”, and we started two new specialised TV programmes. We presented for the first time seven films and five promotional videos – Major Milosavljević said stressing that the vehicles of that institution ran over 100,000 kilometres over the year, which spoke about the number of engagements.

Major Milosavljević thanked all employees – directors, cameramen, editors, and assistants cameramen for their responsible, responsible and self-sacrificing work, always with a strong feeling of patriotism and belonging to our institution and our armed forces.

The ceremony was attended by active and retired members of the Military Film Centre “Zastava Film”, representatives of Public Relations Department and many units of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces with whom the institution cooperation in the previous year.
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