Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Vulin: The salary increase greatest for soldiers and non-commissioned officers

Answering the journalist's question about the salary increase in the Serbian Armed Forces and personal advocacy of Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin that this is not linear, he said that this is his position and that he will see whether he will have the support of the Ministry of Finance for that.
- The salary increase is undisputed and it will be as we have said. I really look forward to it, but I personally think that I will also have the support of the highest senior personnel in the Serbian Armed Forces, that soldiers and non-commissioned officers should receive most of the assistance, and then we can go further according to the ranks. The assistance is most needed to those who really have the lowest income, those who are the support of the army. I believe that salary increases should not go linearly, equally to all members, but rather that it applies to professional soldiers, to non-commissioned officers, and then to officers. This is my position and I will see if I will have support for it, but I think that in this way we should say that we essentially understand and appreciate the renunciation of those who really have the lowest incomes, the Minister of Defence said.
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