Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Talks with delegation of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports of the Republic of Austria

The acting Assistant Minister for Defence Policy Milan Mojsilovic received the delegation of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports of the Republic of Austria led by Brigadier General Gustav Gustenau from the Directorate for Security Policy.
The interlocutors exchanged the attitudes to political and security situation in the region and other current security topics. They ascertained that the migrant crisis represented the greatest challenge, which the region and the world face today and that it additionally affects the security situation in Southeastern Europe. The seriousness of the situation requires the additional engagement of national forces and regional partnerships and assistance. Serbia and Austria remain loyal to the enhancement of cooperation with key international organizations in the sphere of defence and security, as well as the active contribution within regional forums in Southeastern Europe.
In relation to solving the issue of the migrant crisis, Mojsilovic said that the Republic of Serbia advocated stronger cooperation with the neighbouring countries, especially in securing borders, but not raising walls. The Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces will continue with engagement and rendering assistance to refugees in the territory of our country through collaboration with other state authorities. The number of illegal crossings has been significantly reduced due to the engagement of the Joint Military and Police Force in securing the state border.
Brigadier General Gustenau stressed the readiness of the Austrian side for continuation of support and assistance to Serbia in EU integrations. Austria is particularly interested in the stable region because the current security challenges go beyond national borders and require comprehensive and long-term approach.
The contentment with the reached level of defence cooperation was mutually expressed with the emphasis on commitment to further continuation and progress.