Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: The evil done by Shiptar terrorist can no longer be hidden, one cannot trust Rama’s friendship

“If Edi Rama had ever been honest to read the report by Dick Marty, he would have known that in the territory of the state of Albania where he is the Prime Minister, organs of kidnapped Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija were taken out and then sold. He would have also known that Hashim Tachi, Kadri Veselji and many other KLA terrorists organised and approved kidnapping of the Serbs, assassinations of their political opponents among the Shiptars, killing and torture of the Roma, Gorani, Bosniaks. Rama likes to talk about reconciliation, as long as it means punishing the Serbs and remaining silent about the creation of Greater Albania” stated Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin.
“President Vučić is the only president in the Balkans who sincerely desires peace, and I do not believe that his desires are the same as the wishes of Edi Rama. I do not know if the Tribunal for war crimes established pursuant to laws of so-called Kosovo will truly prosecute the killers of the Serbs, but I do know that the evil done by Shiptar terrorists can no longer be hidden and that one cannot trust the friendship of Edi Rama” Minister Vulin concluded.