Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: We do not ask anyone to justify themselves to us, nor do we justify ourselves to anyone

- Croatia has the right to arm itself. It is a sovereign country and that is a sovereign right to exercise. However, Serbia also has the right to arm herself, to prepare for all the security challenges, because let us not forget – Serbia has more right and more reasons to equip and arm herself than any of the neighboring countries, since we are the only country that is militarily neutral and can count on no one’s assistance, Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin said today when asked to comment on the announced donation of United States military vehicles to the Croatian Armed Forces.
- What is accepted by other countries, what is allowed to Croatia or any other country when it comes to armaments must be allowed and must be accepted when it is done by Serbia. We do not want to hear that it is not good when Serbia equips and arms herself, while countries in our surroundings, including Croatia, can get weapons, they can buy, they can receive donations. Serbia does not ask anyone to justify themselves to us, but she will also not justify herself to anyone else as regards how she protects her security and her land and how she protects the Serbs wherever they may live. As long as Serbia is led by President Aleksandar Vučić, she will remain militarily neutral, make her own decisions, equip her Armed Forces by herself in both the east and west, wherever she estimates it to be useful and necessary. Countries that are members of military alliances should have less reason to equip and arm themselves than Serbia, but Serbia accepts everyone’s right and disallows to have anyone make decisions regarding her, her equipment and armaments. We are a sovereign country and we will make our own decisions, said the Minister of Defense.
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