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President Vučić: Serbia did not export mines to Ukraine

Responding to a question by the press representative as regards allegations in some media that Serbian weapons were sold to Ukraine and used in the war against the Russians, President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić said at the Press Conference tonight that no mines had left for Ukraine or were delivered through the United Arab Emirates.

- Today’s accusations arrive from one of these “intelligence sewage” cuisines claiming that Serbia was arming Ukrainians in the fight against the Donetsk People’s Republic and that our mines were used to kill Russian soldiers. Who would benefit from letting this leak through the intelligence sewage on this particular day, you can decide for yourselves – said President Vučić, adding that the entire trade between Serbia and Ukraine, which is in any case a legal “end user”, was investigated. He also added that if we had exported mines to Ukraine we would not have had any problems as everything would be in accordance with the law, but that Serbia still did not do that.

President Vučić emphasized that the text of that “intelligence sewage” states that the weapons were shipped via the United Arab Emirates, which signed their agreement with Petro Poroshenko (former President of Ukraine); furthermore, as the President says, this is their right and they also have an agreement with the Russian Federation.

The President of Serbia also notes that every mine lot that left Serbia was investigated and that none of the mine lots to which the Bulgarian site indicates ended up in Ukraine, they never went to Ukraine or the UAE. It was established, the President points out, that the transaction went through the Americans – two American and one partly-American companies, but that there was also one unusual company which, according to the mine numbers visible in the pictures on the Bulgarian site, was found to be part of a 15.000 mine series, which were sold to “Tehnoremont”, owned by Petar Crnogorac, who is the owner of “CPR Inpex”.

- This is where mom of Obradović from Valjevo works, i.e. where she worked until yesterday. The company bought 15.000 of these mines and sold them to “Natan”, a Polish, not a Ukrainian, through Cyprus – President Vučić explained.

He said that it was interesting that the support of the Polish state authorities was not obtained, which is a requirement, but that it was obtained from other companies and exported via Cyprus to Poland. In no place or context was Ukraine or anyone else mentioned, Vučić said. Serbia as an “end user”, he added, would not allow this because of our good relations with both the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

- They, more interestingly, have a joint venture with Damjanović, a person interesting in security sense as a member of one of the regional security services, and they control some of the most famous information portals in Serbia whose journalists were eagerly welcoming the prospect of me dying a few days ago – added the President of Serbia.  

As he said, the world is small, every lie is revealed and you cannot hide the traces of your dirty campaign and hatred against Serbia.

- That is why we will have to do a lot of explaining to the people, to state the facts, what we have to do over the coming period. By the way, everything else that was done with the mines was done mainly through the domestic and American companies. All were legal “end users”, only in one case and in the earlier period, before 2012, we had Saudi Arabia, but none of these ended in Europe, on the contrary – said President Vučić.

President Vučić said that Serbia, in terms of weapons, will continue to make and sell it and that he was proud of 11.000 of our laborers who work conscientiously to earn wages for their families, but also to contribute to Serbia’s military and defense force.

He also said that we do not have a reserve homeland and that we will be able to preserve and protect her and, unlike in the past, we will know how to defend it.

We will preserve the Serbian path to the future, said President Vučić, because it is the only possible policy and the policy on which Serbia will persevere. He said that we want to be friends with everyone; we do not endanger anyone, but that we do know how to preserve our country.

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