Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Preparations for the Exercise the “Century of the Victors 1918-2018”

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović attended the action-packed demonstration of the Army Special Brigade and Military Police at the training ground “Međa” near Leskovac and they were assured of the readiness of officers and soldiers for the military exercise organised by the Serbian Armed Forces.
The members of the Special Brigade and Military Police demonstrated to the military leadership a part of the demonstration which they would execute on 10 location all over the country in following days in honour of the glorious Serbian worriers.
The exercise commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dragan Kužet from the Special Brigade Command, pointed out that in the framework of the preparations for the execution of the tactical live exercise the “Century of the Victor 1918-2018” the preparedness test was demonstrated that day titled “Strengthened military police battalion in counter-terrorist operation”.
- At the military complex “Međa” there are the Special Brigade units, Third battalion of Military Police and the members of AF and AD. The tactical exercise has several parts, the most significant being – special assault, classical assault, attack of teams on terrorist base, attack of teams on terrorists on withdrawal and attack of teams on a vehicle and escape of terrorists in that vehicle. The exercise is rather dynamic and this is just a segment of the demonstration of the competence of the members of the Special Brigade and the Army for the execution of assigned tasks – Colonel Kužet stressed.
The members of the Special Forces of the Serbian Armed Forces demonstrated today on “Međa” the insertion of a reconnaissance group by parachuting assault, gathering of intelligence about the enemy by means of “Mali Miloš”, and blocking terrorist by the parachuters’ assault by means of police combat vehicles M-86.
Companies for counterterrorist activities were assigned to destroy a terrorist base and for that purpose they energetically engaged from the snipers and machine guns from “Hummer” vehicle, simultaneously inserting another team from the air using a technique of rapid descent from a helicopter. Equally effective part of their demonstration was catching terrorists who attempted to escape.
Today’s demonstration before the exercise was attended by Acting Assistant Minister for Material Resources Nenad Miloradivić, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Major General Petar Cvetković, Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, AF and AD Commander Major General Duško Žarković, Head of Department for Intelligence and Reconnaissance Major General Ilija Todorov and Special Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Miroslav Talijan.
The Serbian Armed Forces will mark the 100th anniversary of the victory in the First World War by executing the exercise “The Century of Victors 1918-2018” on ten locations – military complexes “Pasuljanske livade”, “Međa”, “Orešac”, “Borovac”, on temporary training grounds “Pešter” and “Titel” and in the zones of Jastrebac, Zvornik Lake and Sremska Mitrovica. Particularly impressive segment of the exercise is going to be at the Military Academy where the members of the Military Police battalion of special purpose “Kobre” will demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the most elite members of the Serbian Armed Forces.
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